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The Seagull  by Anton Chekhov

Presented at the Yale School of Drama

Iseman Theater, December 2014



"A very physical, energetic, and enjoyable production.... In the end, this Seagull is moving—but from the start it moves  -- the show boasts one of the quicker-seeming first acts I’ve seen at a School of Drama production...


(This) production throws as much energy, high spririts and variety at the classic text as one can imagine, finding the entertainment in all that existential ennui. Inspiring."                                                                   -- Donald Brown, New Haven Review




Maura Hooper                           Arkadina

Christopher Geary                   Treplev

Jonathan Majors                       Sorin

Chasten Harmon                      Nina

Niall Powderly                            Shamrayev

Shaunette Renee Wilson       Paulina 

Zenzi Williams                           Masha

Aaron Bartz                                Trigorin

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II            Dorn

Andrew Burnap                         Medvedenko

The Band

Luke Harlan                                                           Yakov

Jenny Schmidt                                                     The Cook

Pornchanok "Nok" Kanchanabanca            The Maid











Photos by T. Charles Erickson

Design and Production Team

Jean Kim (Set Design)

Asa Benally (Costume Design)

Kate Marvin (Sound Design)

Elizabeth Mak (Lighting Design)

Kelly Kerwin (Production Dramaturg)

Kelly Montgomery (Stage Management)

Mitch Massaro(Technical Director)

Lee O'Reilly (Assistant Production Manager)



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