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The Lily's Revenge, Act 5 by Taylor Mac

Presented at the Magic Theater, San Francisco, CA


The Lily’s Revenge was a rolling world premiere with Magic Theatre, HERE Arts Center (New York), Southern Rep Theatre (New Orleans), and The National Theatre of Scotland.





 "....a gobsmackingly impressive display of talent and craft."

- Chris Jensen, SF Weekly


"All of the actors perform with impressive commitment, energy, and passion at every moment; I don't know how they keep it up over the course of 255 minutes, six shows a week. You get the sense that all of the performers and, indeed, all of the artistic collaborators truly believe in what they're doing....For The Lily's Revenge isn't "just" a play -- it's an exercise in building community between artists and audience."

- Marissa Skudlarek, MARISSABIDILLA


" You’re likely to laugh from beginning to end.... The physical action is pushed to the limits of X-rated antics and faux violence and the performances, by 30-plus local singers, dancers, musicians and actors — all in service of the unwieldy and grotesque tale of Lily and his longed-for bride — are uniformly excellent.... a wildly entertaining meditation on the deepest of human desires."  

-- Jean Schiffman, San Francisco Examiner

Photos by Danny Nicoletta

An Interview with Taylor Mac

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