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Deepen and focus your craft

Kick your auditions up to the next level of amazing

Book your next gig with newfound confidence


Jessica Holt is a Yale School of Drama trained director and acting coach with over 15 years working with actors.  Jessica empowers actors to find the joy of performance, take dramatic leaps of imagination and confidently bring characters and stories to life.   Whether you are prepping for your BFA/MFA training program auditions or preparing a side for your next audition, Jessica will provide you with tips, tools and strategies to unlock the secrets of the text. Play the play with freedom, make alive character choices, and feel 100 % like yourself while doing it.


Coaching Services include:

* BFA/MFA Training Program Audition Prep

* Audition Coaching/Prepared Read/Cold Read Prep

* Finding and Crafting New Audition Material

* Script Analysis Technique

* Developing and Directing Solo Work


Competitive, affordable rates available.


For more information, to schedule a free intro call, or to book an appointment,

contact her directly at:


Her direction helped me gain confidence and better understand the important nuances in the work and discovery of character. -- Juan Winans, Coached on the role of "Bebe" in the new musical Born for This

"Jessica watches you work with such empathy, insight and intelligence that you feel like you've been blessed with the most wonderful pair of outside eyes imaginable. Her insatiable appetite and ability to delve deeper and deeper into the play/character are also infectious; she makes you want to do better, work harder and become an active partner in the rich dialogue that she creates with each of her collaborators. She doesn't just see your work. She sees YOU inside the work.   -- Charlotte Bydwell, "Vanda" in Venus in Fur

"Working with Jessica was a GIFT. She speaks the "actor's language" while possessing the eye, knowledge base, and understanding of language of a truly brilliant director. It's something like osmosis. She just gets it."  - Austin Davidson, "Howie" in Speech and Debate


Every side I get for auditions, I go straight to my actor's journal and follow all her steps and techniques to breaking down the scene, my character and finding key details within the script to set me apart from all the rest in the audition room.  I continue to use these tips at every audition and on every side I receive, the results are out of this world. " -- Lau'rie Roach, Actor

"Jessica is so gifted, so thorough, and efficient. She can quickly see what you need as a playwright/performer and gives you the tools to find it for yourself. " -- Mark Kendall, Creator/Performer of "The Magic Negro and Other Blackity Blackness, as Told by an African-American Man Who Also Happens to be Black, Alliance Theatre

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