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Suburban Horror Story 

Written by Edith Freni

Produced by BBDO and Spitfire Studios

For Street Grace

October 18 - 20, 2017


Sex trafficking is a horrific problem that happens in the shadows, in places we’d never suspect, and in numbers bigger than most of us would ever imagine. And, most shockingly, it’s happening all around us, in suburban Atlanta. Yet, due to the sensitivity of the subject, it’s an issue that gets less coverage and has less awareness than the problem demands.

The Suburban Horror Story project educates people on how to identify and help prevent sex trafficking. Through an immersive theatrical experience, visitors get a taste of what this illegal industry entails, and what victims endure. Viewers should be disturbed by the very real things they’re seeing, no special effects or artificial sounds needed. It’s a living museum where visitors are also able to experience the house online and use their voice to demand an end to this shocking reality. Despite how awful the problem is, there is hope.



Matt Lewis

Christopher Hampton

Laura Lorena Morales

Ebony Jerry

Eliana Marianes

Diany Rodriguez

John Osorio

Sam Binkerd

Jake Jessup

Erika Miranda

Justice Von Maur

Alexis Young

Bill Murphey


Agency - BBDO Atlanta
Production - Spitfire Studios
Writer - Edith Freni
Director - Jessica Holt
Costume Design - Sydney Roberts
Makeup Design - Kaylee Kehne
Makeup Artist - Cass McClure
Makeup Artist - Christian Ramirez
Makeup Artist - Erin McCarthy

PR - Ketchum
Casting - Clifton Guterman
Art Direction - Axis Studios Design
Lighting Design - Rebecca M.K. Makus
Sound Design - Jamie Shepard
360 Production - SpaceMan Digital
Photography - Raymond Jones
Tattoo Designer / Supplier - Bluewhale Studios







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