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Female Beginner by Edith Freni

Produced by Ensemble Studio Theatre

36th Marathon of One-Act Plays

June 10 - June 30, 2017


Rufus Collins

Sara Hymes

On the night of an important fundraising dinner for her father's reelection campaign, 18 year-old "Golden Child" Amelia challenges the content of a speech she's been asked to give in his honor. Daddy insists that she must do the speech as written but Amelia demands that they revise the ending. When she reveals her reasons for the last minute change, Daddy is forced to justify the foundational myths of their family's local political dynasty or risk exposure.

Set Design: Jason Ardizonne-West
Lighting Design: Greg MacPherson

Costume Design: Audrey Nauman
Sound Design: Emily Auciello

Dialect Coach: Blake Segal

Fight Choreography: Mike Rossmy



Series C did not disappoint...The evening began with “Female Beginner” by Edith Freni, directed by Jessica Holt. The 18-year-old daughter of a politician is to make a speech at a fundraising dinner, but her upper middle class lifestyle and her family’s local political dynasty cannot wash over her own questioning what is right and wrong on a larger global scale. Freni captures the daddy-daughter relationship with relatable honesty and the piece is well-staged by Holt.

- Tania Fisher, StageBuddy

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