The Children   Music, Book and Lyrics by Phillip Howze

Presented at the Yale School of Drama

Iseman Theater, May 10 - 15, 2015


Set in and around a makeshift shelter, the moving, hip-hop musical The Children dramatizes a teenage boy’s search for a place to belong after escaping his fraught home. Lost and alone in New York City, he discovers a restless tribe of young people defying a world that refuses to let them be themselves. The contemporary musical upends perceptions of family and celebrates community in the most unlikely of places.


Creative Team

Music Director                      Avi Amon

Choreographer                     Jennifer Harrison Newman

Scenic Designer                   Alexander Woodward

Costume Designer              Alexae Visel

Lighting Designer                Andrew F. Griffin

Sound Designer                   Brian Hickey

Projection Designer             Rasean Davonte Johnson

Production Dramaturg        Taylor Barfield

Stage Manager                     Anita Shastri 

Assistant Stage Manger      Paula Clarkson 



Jack                                        TIM CREAVIN

Victoria                                 RICARDO DÁVILA

Hero                                      LELAND FOWLER

Rohan                                   GALEN KANE

Portia                                    CHALIA LaTOUR

Chloe                                    SYDNEY LEMMON

Affinity                                  JONATHAN MAJORS 

Jesus                                      BRADLEY JAMES TEJEDA

Max                                       CARA WASHINGTON 

Princess                                MALENKY WELSH

Mom                                     SHAUNETTE RENÉE WILSON 



Avi A. Amon (Piano, Keyboard)

Georgi (Guggi) Videnov (Percussion)

Ian Scot Williams (Guitar)

Christopher Ross-Ewart (Bass, Double Bass)













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