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Have I None by Edward Bond


Christopher Guy Bannow  (Grit)

Aaron Bartz (Jams)

Ceci Fernandez (Sarah)


Alexander Woodward (Set Design)

Grier Coleman (Costume Design)

Joel Abbott (Sound Design)

Caitlin Smith Rappaport (Lighting Design)

Will Rucker (Stage Management)

Hugh Farrell (Dramaturg)

Molly Hennighausen (Producer)

Justin Bennett (Technical Direction)

Presented at the Yale Cabaret.


The year is 2077: Memory and photographs are banished, entire cities are razed to rubble, and rumors of people jumping off bridges en masse are widespread. A U.S. premiere that is as absurdly funny as it is darkly tragic, Have I None is a cautionary allegory of survival for our own times.



Holt’s production maintains a firm grip on the play’s tension, and her cast is quite adept at the kind of humor, dark and very British, on view here.... The strength of the play is in its pacing...   - Donald Brown, New Haven Review


New Haven Review's Best of Cab '46

Names Have I None:

Best Pre-Existing Play   "A gripping experience"

Best Performance by a Female Actor for Ceci Fernandez as "Sarah"

Best Performance by a Male Actor for Christopher Guy Bannow as "Grit"



Photos by Justin Bennett and Joey Moro

Have I None
Have I None
Have I None
Have I None
Have I None
Have I None
Have I None
Have I None
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