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  • Jessica Holt

Reunited with Playwright Megan Cohen at Berkeley Rep's Ground Floor.

From "A Three Little Dumplings Adventure" by Megan Cohen, directed by Jessica Holt

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

So excited that we can now shout it out from the rooftops and holler it to all corners! Megan Cohen, my dearest, darling Dumpling wife, and I are reuniting to dream forward her next piece of badassery Truest, at The Ground Floor at Berkeley Rep this June! This is all a science fact.

In Truest, Sam Shepard meets Thelma and Louise when we find two sisters in a kitchen. Smoking guns in hand, they’ve just slain the iconic brothers of fraternal drama True West. As these women pursue their own uniquely twisted American Dream in a landscape of canonical corpses, they dance an intricate psychological duet that leads us through a surreal terrain of wonder, danger, laughter, and yearning. A delightfully upsetting grapple by an emerging feminist playwright, Truest is about a pair of sisters on a brutal hunt in search of tenderness.

Find out more about this upcoming project here:

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